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Julia, the midwife in Chapter 1 who had used a "special chair."

María de Jesús, Ch. 6, arranging flowers.

Lucía's grandchildren in her kitchen. Ch. 6.

Emiliana, Chapter 6, in front of her altar.

Midwives at the congreso, Chapter 6, watch Filiberta demonstrate the belly massage.

Social worker Sara, Chapter 5.

Isabel, Chapter 4, gets an "American massage.".

Mariana, Chapter 4, checks to see the sex of an unborn baby, a technique she learned from a friend who had learned it in the U.S.

If the baby is a boy, the pendulum swings to and from the pregnant belly; if it's a girl, it the pendulum swings in a circle.

Bricia, Chapter 4. With Jenna in the picture below.

Delfina, in Chapter 3, gives a postpartem

herbal bath.

Lena, the Oaxacan midwife in Chapter 2 who helped me birth my imaginary baby. 

Click here to see a brief video that shows Lena's lively spirit.

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​Touching Bellies, Touching Lives: Midwives of Southern Mexico Tell Their Stories​, by Judy Gabriel